Carnivore Gum, For People Who Eat Meat & Are Too Sweet Already!

Hey gals, this is my husband Conan. Let’s just say I know a thing or two about keeping a caveman happy! That's why I invented a fat-containing gum, with no sweeteners. In other words, it's savory - like Grandma’s gravy - for those nonveg-eating crazies known as carnivores. You know, people like Bob down the street, or Susan who sleeps next to you at night. So, who will want to get their hands on our gum? Anyone practicing the lifestyles of Atkins, Palio, not to mention, Diabetics, and Carnivores!  

The Truth About Sweet Stuff

If you eat meat, and I think you do, you know that even artificially sweetened gum will turn on your brain’s sugar receivers, changing your metabolic status, and thus throwing you off the anti-carb flow you worked so hard to achieve. Nah, that’s not for you. You’re a classy and refined, meat maid or gent. Keep your goals. Get the meat out of your teeth with gum that is savory.  You see, it tastes like meat, not mint.

Don’t think you need Carnivore Gum?  Are you eating out anytime soon? What are you ordering? "MEAT!" What’s the plan, smooth operator? Toothpick, dental pick, the rabid finger pick...or perhaps you will excuse yourself and swoosh your meat scraps into the nearest bathroom sink? We don't recommend it. You can be a carnivore - that’s well and good - but dude, it’s 21st Century, you can’t be a CAVEMAN. 

Fat = Pleasure

With Carnore Gum, now you get to enjoy the joyous meaty feeling of fat dripping down the back of your throat for a few chews after your meal. And voila, you’ve got the pesky and unsightly meat out of your teeth without acting like a caveman! 


Not too strong, not sweet, salty, or smoky. 

Just satisfying and teeth-scrubbing delicious. 

Duck Fat

Rib Eye

Leg of Lamb

Wild Salmon

DISCLAIMER: in case you are a super Ghandi type of carnivore and you are worried about the "tree of gum" being in our gum, you should know that modern-day gums don’t even contain gum anymore. Our gum is organic, plant-free, sugar-free, and safe for anyone to chew, even omnivores!